I was born and lowered in Newark, New Jersey in August of 1933. My parents were classic Ellis Island immigrants, from somewhere in eastern Europe.

Although physiologically male, I knew from birth that I was female. This conflict made for an interesting (to put it politely) adjustment problem. To survive, I became a consummate actor, playing a male role on life’s stage.

My natural feminine behaviors disturbed my parents, who were bible-thumping drunks. At the age of 11, the state of New Jersey removed me from an abusive home, and placed me in an orphanage, from which I escaped at the age of 14. During my sojourn at the orphanage, I was sexually molested by the older boys, which colored my perception of men.

I lived on the street for a while, finally getting my shit together sufficiently well to win a scholarship from the Thomas Edison company. I was awarded my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1958, and finished my graduate degrees in Physics at UCLA in 1964. I enjoyed a 34 year career employed as a “Civilian Scientist” involved with submarine sonar design and deep ocean surveillance, all the while maintaining a male façade.

I “came out” in 2005, being retired and therefore having no reason to maintain my lifelong male act. At the court hearing for my legal name change, the lady judge gave me a big grin and said, “Welcome to the sensible half of humanity.”

Finally living as a woman, my relief is beyond description.

I enjoy creative writing, classical music, reading, and “girl talk.” I dabble in art (I produced the cover art for Norma’s Voice). I’ve taught mathematics at the college level. I amuse myself by constructing acrostics. I love and respect animals. I am a peaceful liberal.

I am not confrontational and dislike arguments. I possibly would benefit by developing some assertiveness and (appropriate) anger. Then again, possibly not.

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